Allows the collection of different types of refuse in one single structure.
Reduces the environmental impact and guarantees hygiene and cleanliness.
Allows a drastic reduction of overall costs.
It is an effective instrument for the registration of the flux of refuse disposed of and collected.
Conforms to the new European waste management norms and allows the Administrations to easily trace the data concerning the waste collection. This allows to switch from a taxation system to a tariff one.
Highly reduces the volume of refuse and encourages citizens to differentiate their waste
Reduces the frequency of bins emptying and optimizes the service costs.
Improves the working conditions of the personnel assigned to waste collection: the emptying operations are automatic and are carried out in total safety.
It is re-programmable in real time.

user card
Guides user
through a
talking display
Weighs the
and reduces
the volume
of refuse
Centralized registration
and management
of data
Informs the
central unit
when a
bin is full
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